Triple H promoted to board!

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I’ve received many enquiries regarding Triple H’s return. My source from insider has revealed that Triple H is close to 90% being cleared by the medical board. The only thing holding back the writers and management is to find a good time.

Also, Triple H has been officially promoted to an executive role within the organisation. According to a company source, the 13 time heavyweight champion now officially serves as WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s creative advisor. While Triple H has had Vince’s ear for the past several years, it was always in an unofficial capacity. From this point forward, he will have a much more authoritative voice in regards to the company’s creative direction and its many performers.

WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut is presently undergoing a slight renovation for an office for “The King of Kings”

TNA goes LIVE with IMPACT!

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To par against WWE Smackdown, TNA president, Dixie Carter has recently announced that TNA Impact! will go live with effect from October 7.

Previously, the show went live on Monday nights and was swiftly defeated by RAW. Dixie then motioned to Thursday night with taping. It has since been announced that IMPACT will go live. I think it’s a good move from Dixie. This would further segment the show status on Thursday night.

Among rumored who is set to make a splash return that night are Rob Van Damm and Hulk Hogan. Dixie also hinted a “big shocking surprise” that night. God knows, till then.

TNA touring UK in Jan 2011

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TNA is set to do their annual TNA UK tour in Jan 2011. This tour is set to be explosive with new addition from Jeff Hardy, RVD, Hogan & more. You can view the teaser video here. It’s pretty well done.

Viper lands himself in movie role

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Randy Orton (aka. The Viper) is set to appear on the silver screen real soon. WWE has paired the six time heavyweight champion to a new WWE movie project titled “That’s What I’m”

The film set in 1960s, will centers around a bright 12-year-old boy, Andy, whose English teacher (Ed Harris) pairs him up on a project with the school’s biggest outcast and social pariah, Stanley (aka “Big Red”). When Andy watches Stanley fearlessly confront a school bully, a series of events is unleashed that changes the lives of the boys and their teacher. Randy Orton is set to play the role of the bully’s father.

Shooting has been scheduled to begin in January next year.

Angle speaks about TNA, contract ending, retirement & more!

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Kurt Angle whose contract is going to end in less than a year’s time revealed that he will evaluate his future with the company and his personal life real soon. Angle candidly said, “I believe that you’re not going to see much more of Kurt Angle.”

“Financially, I’m fine,” he said. “The hard part about leaving wrestling is I’ll miss it. I have a couple of food companies now and I’m doing movies. If I do retire, I think it’ll be a retirement match, and then a part-time schedule. It’s so hard for wrestlers to leave the ring. It’s difficult and I’ve given it thought.”

Angle mentioned that his knees, lower back, and neck are “always stiff,” but he hasn’t felt this good in a decade. “I think this is probably the best I’ve felt, and it has a lot to do with the reduced work schedule in TNA where they’re not using me at every house show,” Angle said. “So having that lighter schedule has allowed my body to recuperate more.”

He added, “Many people have told me, including Vince McMahon himself, that my work style is too intense; too aggressive. I don’t know if I can ‘work smarter,’ if you want to put it that way. I’ve learnt from wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, who were under-sized, to make up for that by working with much more intensity.”

Jericho close to leaving?

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As of today, Chris Jericho’s contract with WWE is set to expire in two weeks time. It has been confirmed that Y2J has not yet inked any renewal contract. Management is desperately trying to get the first ever undisputed champion to ink the deal especially this year has seen so many top names leaving the company and it has gravely hurt marketing sales. Many speculated (as always with Internet fans these days) that Jericho might be jumping ship to TNA. I highly doubt the chances especially Jericho hates Bischoff and Hogan management. That was the reason why he chose to quit WCW years ago.

Speaking about Chris Jericho, his second book will released shortly in September. Here’s what the latter has to say about his upcoming release – “It starts right when I walk to the ring for my debut against The Rock and ends about seven years later when I walk out to face Randy Orton when I returned in 2007. It’s great because it’s my whole WWE experience but also very involved with starting a band with Fozzy and the trials and tribulations of that which are just as ridiculous as some of the things I went through in the first book when I was trying to make my name in wrestling. It’s a great dichotomy of a guy who is at the top of one profession and trying to make it in another one with all of the ridiculous stories you have come to expect from Chris Jericho’s life.”

Did You Know: The High Crusade?

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Here’s something you might not know about the dynamic TNA world tag team champion, The Motor City Machine Guns. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin has a rock band named The High Crusade, along with former TNA wrestler Petey Williams, Adam Tatro and Chris Plumb.

The band has released their debut album, It’s Not What You Think, last Tuesday on September 7, 2010.