Why Swagger Why?

At Wrestlemania 26, many eyebrows were raised when Jack Swagger won the Money In The Bank match. The following Friday, Swagger shocked the world when he cashed in his contract and pinned the six-time world heavyweight champion, Chris Jericho. The question on Swagger’s push has made many ponder (and excited) about this – why Swagger???

Swagger made his debut on September 9, 2008 in ECW and has been relatively low profile in the company (despite winning the ECW title before). Swagger recent push can be credited to the fact that he can wrestle. This man may not have the ability to entertain but he sure has the ability to pull some punches and throw his opponents around. Just observe the way he wrestles. He has an impressive record in the All-American wrestling school, and was handpicked by veteran wrestling promoter, Jim Ross. More so, WWE recent years of marketing towards a family-oriented program has made Swagger even more appealing. For many years, WWE has been trying to shed the “prowrestling is fake” stereotyped mindset, and by putting someone who can wrestle, the realism of wrestling can be brought up from the squared circle to the television screen.

The joint departure of Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar has made a huge hole for main-eventing amateur wrestler. In the late 90s, then WWF was spearheaded by The Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, Kurt Angle. Now, Cena has replaced Rock as the top face, Stone Cold has been replaced by Randy Orton as the fans’ anti-hero, and Batista is replacing Triple H as the tough headed villain. This leaves room for one more, the replacement for Kurt angle. And perhaps the time has finally arrived. The swagger of a champion is here.


~ by wrestlingdynasty on April 22, 2010.

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