Spotlight Please

This past week, the entire online community has been smacked with the thought of Batista leaving WWE. His contract is coming to an end, and neither him nor any executive has revealed any plans to continue. Batista is 42 years old, and his age has been a major influence of why he has decided to leave the company.

True enough, he was given the appropriate push. And true enough, Batista is still in the limelight. However, Batista has publicly expressed concern on how long he can continue this run without damaging his health. He is afterall not like Cena or Orton who is still young.

So Batista begun to look for an alternative – a movie career. He has partnered with many media organizations to gain foothold into this industry. Over the years, he has guest starred and made appearances in Smallville, Extreme Makeover, MTV Cribs and Relative Stranger. This year, Batista and RVD has partnered with David Deflaco in Wrong Side Of Town. And just recently, he was confirmed to be starring alongside with Manny Pacquiao and Nicole Scherzinger in Wapakman.

Sensing that Batista is leaving for the greener side of the field, WWE decided to remove Batista as the lead role in “Killing Karma” – a position which was replaced by Triple H. Duly, Batista was upset by the management’s arrangement and this has led to the speculation that Batista will be leaving the company’s door.

Tonight, Batista and John Cena will be facing off for the last time in an “I Quit” match. It seems reasonable to cut Batista from the roster in this manner. (A similar storyline where Chris Jericho left the company in 2005). After his departure, would Batista take his long hiatus and return to the company eventually? Would Batista join the ranks of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Goldberg and tries to break into the silver screen? Or will Batista head to Dixie Carter’s TNA?

When the bell ring in the aftermath of tonight’s match. It symbolize the possible end of Batista career and it also symbolizes his pursuit of the Spotlight. Here in WD store, we’ve just rolled out a new tee on Batista – “Spotlight Please”. Do support.

~ by wrestlingdynasty on May 23, 2010.

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