Chris Jericho to host ABC’s “Downfall”

6-time heavyweight champion, and the Human Highlight Reel, Chris Jericho has been spotted by ABC to be the next loud-mouth, candid and controversial host for their latest upcoming reality game show, The Downfall.

The game show takes place at the top of a 10-story building in Los Angeles. Contestants must answer questions against a clock to win prizes and a shot at $1 million. You can view the show trailer here.

There are reports that WWE officials are initially upset with Chris Jericho’s involvement as the host of the game show on ABC. Apparently, the discussion was heated to the state that officials contemplated over suing Jericho for breaching of contract and wanted him to back out of the show. But as always, the ever so eloquent, Y2J, managed to talk his way through.

~ by wrestlingdynasty on June 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Chris Jericho to host ABC’s “Downfall””

  1. watch it last night it was ok of a show,Only watched cuz of Chris Jericho

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