Randy Vs Austin at WM 27?

An insider has revealed that the writers and management team has recently met up to discuss about the plans for Wrestlemania 27. This is their second meeting since last May. Aside from the rumored Taker Vs Cena match at WM 27, there are talks of bringing Randy Orton and Stone Cold Steve Austin together.

No words have been confirmed whether this match would be a one on one match or a tag team match. Over the years, Austin has emphasized time and time again that he’s not interested to return to his old wrestler status. Writers however, has not ruled out a light tag team match featuring Randy and Austin together.

Moreover, management is also keen on the idea of The Viper and The Rattlesnake cutting a promo or a segment together for the night.

Wrestlemania 27 seems to be shaking up big plans. I would be elated if both matches pull through.


~ by wrestlingdynasty on June 29, 2010.

One Response to “Randy Vs Austin at WM 27?”

  1. […] week, here at WrestlingDynasty, we posted an entry on the possibility of Austin doing a match with Randy Orton at WM 27. Well, the upcoming RAW GM, Stone Cold Steve Austin, recently appeared on Live Audio Wrestling and […]

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