Wrestlers turned Movie stars

Today at our Sunday’s commentary, we look at some of biggest names in the wresting biz today who had crossed their performance from the ring to the silver screen.

Well, first up, we have our Smackdown world heavyweight champion who had his first film role as Jacob Goodnight in the horror film, See No Evil. The film released in 2006, was the best performing film in foreign box office ever produced by WWE Studio.

Second in the line is Big Daddy Cool, Kevin Nash who had starred in films since the early 90s. His most recent notable appearance was in Marvel’s movie, The Punisher. The film was shot in 2003 and released in 2004. Nash played a minor villain role called The Russian.

TNA heavyweight champion, RVD kicked his way into the silver screen. Early this year, Rob Van Damm took on the lead role as Bobby Kalinowski in Wrong Side Of The Town. The action film was written and directed by David DeFalco.

Since Bill Goldberg made a name for himself in the wrestling biz, he has long turned his eyes to Hollywood. Having starred in films such as Universal Soldier: The Return (1999), Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003), and Half Past Dead 2 (2007), Goldberg’s most recognizable effort was in 2005, where he starred alongside with Adam Sandler in The Longest Yard.

Many have said that Stone Cold simply just can’t act. He was a notable wrestler, a good entertainer, but the latter simply can’t translate his magic into his film. I hate to agree with the critics but well, I do. The Condemned produced by WWE studio in 2007 was by far the worst performing movie With tag line like this – “10 people will fight, 9 people will die, you get to watch”, can you expect anything other than rolling your eyes out?

Former 13 times heavyweight champion was handpicked in 2004 to star in the film, Blade Trinity, as vampire enforcer, Jarko Grimwood. Triple H was recently linked to Marvel’s Thor. Casting director is said to had madly pursued Triple H as the lead role in Thor but the latter rejected it due to his commitment in his family business, wrestling. I got a hunch Vince was the one who gave the red light. No news, just my gut feeling.

John Cena is the up and coming corporate baby of WWE. The Marine released in 2006 was WWE Studio overall best performing film to date. The 9 time heavyweight champion went on to star in 12 Rounds (2009) and Legendary (2010). This guy has some strong resume for Hollywood should he decided to throw the towel someday.

Dwayne Johnson is perhaps the biggest and most notable name thus far to have crossed over from the brutal, sex and violent filled industry to the glamorous and star-studded Hollywood. His long list of achievements include Brenden Fraser’s The Mummy Returns. His very own spin off, The Scorpion King. In 2005, Disney’s box office success, The Game Plan. Agent 23 in Steve Carrell’s Get Smart. Recently, he is set to appear in The Other Guys (opening this friday) and was cast as Detective Johnson, in Fast & Furious 5. The film is set to open sometimes next year.

~ by wrestlingdynasty on August 1, 2010.

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