Update on Daniel Bryan’s return

WD has came to know about Daniel Bryan’s shocking return to WWE since last Saturday, but has kept numb to avoid spoiling any surprise. Regardless, it has been 4 days since Summerslam, so the coast is pretty clear to give an update on the latter’s return,

Much to contrary belief, Daniel Bryan’s dismissal earlier and his return recently was not an intended story plot. Management indeed decided to fire him there and then due to a choking incident. However, upon strong backstage reaction and fans uproar (plus WWE is facing talent crisis at the moment), the company thus decided to re-engage Daniel.

His return has been kept largely under the table. (Though we have been tipped by an insider one day before the event) Several people who were backstage at SummerSlam all afternoon had no idea Bryan was even there until he showed up. WWE.com then spoiled his return about an hour before he took part in the main event. The funny thing is that once the article went live on WWE.com it was never taken down. So all that stuff about trying to keep it a secret backstage was worthless as WWE.com staff screwed it all up. (Somehow, I sense someone is going to be screwed for this)

Shawn Michaels, who is the former mentor for Daniel Bryan has commented on his student’s return at Summerslam – “So Bryan is back, all I can say is wise move by WWE. You just don’t leave that kind of talent out there. Happy for all parties. By the way, was this whole thing a scam? It got me. At the end of the day, who cares? Things are as they should be. That’s far more important.”


~ by wrestlingdynasty on August 19, 2010.

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