“Scripted storylines have its advantages”

Andrew Whitaker, who runs WWE’s international department, says being able to determine the length and outcome of matches makes wrestling more exciting.

In an interview with MeettheBoss.tv, Whitaker said: “We believe very strongly that because we are producing scripted entertainment on a weekly basis, 10 hours every single week, we have an advantage over sport.

“We can calibrate the delivery of each episode across the course of a year, to run a storyline over a period of time.

“If you’re watching a particular sporting event — take a boxing event as an example — there’s a lot of hype before the event and it leads to the grand finale and you’re thinking it’s going to be a 12-round-plus fight and it ends in eight seconds.

“Or you can have a nil-nil draw in football and not the result that people were expecting when they’re going to see Chelsea play Manchester United.

“That, obviously, is one of the disadvantages of sport.

“So while it’s compelling, in most instances, watching pure sport, the reality is, in some instances, we have an advantage in the sense that we are able to calibrate the delivery of our content and how it’s delivered on a daily and weekly basis.”

Whittaker — whose favourite wrestler is The Undertaker — also reiterated that WWE are an entertainment company first and a wrestling brand second.

He added: Obviously, the E is in our name. WWE is an entertainment company. It is a globally known brand now.

“Part of our being able to go public has allowed us to be able to do that.

“We see ourselves very much as an entertainment company that happens to also produce product in this genre and is the kind of — let’s call it the flagship leader — of that particular genre of programming.”

~ by wrestlingdynasty on August 21, 2010.

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