A Summerslam to dismember

Last Sunday, beside sitting in front of the couch, staring at the television screen, feeling bored and nostalgic about the entire Summerslam event, I have only one thought in my head “WTH is going on? Is this the annual Summerslam that Vince has claimed would be turning point to the recent slump in WWE?”

Yes, there was the much anticipated Undertaker’s return. There was the surprise shocker of Daniel Bryan making a comeback from his profiled exit. But that’s was all. The matches sucks. The storyline was bad. The pull off was the entire night was terrible. And Vince blamed the falling of viewership and sales to the injury crisis of big names. I think the failure has a far bigger problem than just dealing with shortage of A star wrestlers. I think the root to the problem lies in the management and in the writing team.

Of course you might say, “Scotty, sitting at the sideline and commenting how things should work out is easy. Dealing with the situation in reality is hard” Well, to that, I’ve to agree. But at least, from the creative direction this is how I would have pull it off.

Hart Dynasty Vs John Morrison/R-Truth Vs Usos Vs Santino/Khali (Tag Team Championship)

Writers should have put the newly designed tag team championship title belts on this night. Summerslam is an all summer big time pay per view, and the long luxurious history of those belts are well deserving enough. The combination of all four teams competing for the title would definitely be a colorful opener for the pay per view. Instead, WWE decided to pull off a Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston match, (which btw was a rematch from Smackdown) makes me think the writers are perhaps a little too “hard at work”

Melina Vs Alicia Fox

I’m fine with this match. With Melina coming back from her injury since last December, her victory seems justified. Laycool and Michelle’s interference is likely to set some bad blood for a match up at Survior Series. All is well documented.

Chris Jericho Vs Wade Barrett

Jericho was the mentor for Wade Barrett. And Barrett being the leader of the Nexus and the recent hype of the invasion, makes him a credible name for the writers to play with. Beside segmenting the entire Nexus storyline, the writers need to put Wade in singles competition to showcase his ability as a competent leader. This match, with Wade turning against his former mentor, and Daniel Bryan’s interference could well spin off good response. This could also justify Jericho for a face turn. Involving Nexus in a 7 on 7 match (where this match would be more fitting at ppv such as Survior Series) seems way too off to be at Summerslam.

Big Show, Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston vs Straight Edge Society

I like how the writers are pulling Big Show to face the SES. However, while their creative direction is commendable, it somehow overshine Show’s gimmick. Show defeated the SES single handedly, thus making him virtually “indestructible”. If Show can pull such performance on Smackdown, it somehow doesn’t justify Khali’s status on RAW. (When Khali is bigger than Show) By adding Mysterio, who had previous vendetta against CM Punk and Kofi Kingston into the line up, a 6 man tag team up would seems more ideal.

Edge Vs The Miz

There are high possibility of Edge jumping ship to Smackdown in October. Edge is likely to take some time off to shoot his ‘Chasing The Hawk” soon. Writers should have seized this chance for The Miz (who is going to stay on RAW for at least the whole of next year) to face Edge (who might be leaving RAW for Smackdown) A short, rivalry could definitely add some sweet toppings to the ppv. But writers turned a blind eye instead.

Sheamus Vs John Cena Vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

Sheamus vs John Cena or Sheamus vs Randy Orton is way too distasteful. They have been there, done that, yet WWE love to repeat their storyline without much new elements put into the picture. That sucks – seriously. When I was taking my diploma in Media studies, my lecturer once told me, “when it comes to writing, beside having a flair of luring readers into reading what you have to say, you need to be original and creative” WWE has a team of writers – well versed with knowledge of this business, yet I think most of time their work is nothing more than slip short material. A triple threat involving two big baby face and one heel gives that science of diversity to take place. By putting Sheamus against Randy in a one on one match, it doesn’t show that the company is facing talent shortage, it merely means writers are not capable enough to work with what they have.

Undertaker Vs Kane (World Championship)

Instead of putting Take’s return at Summerslam, the Deadman should have made the return earlier and face Kane last Sunday’s night. Result of the match can be either side, the key thing to note is that by adding Undertaker with Kane, anticipation for Summerslam would be heighten beyond any other normal ppvs. Since he is already making a return, why not make it earlier?

I’ve worked out the above matches in less than an hour’s time. WWE is trying to show the fans across the globe that his team of 5 to 7 (or even more) writers can’t pull of anything better than what they offered last Sunday is truly disappointing. What you offer on the table, does not just reflect what you can give, but also who you are, and how much respect and commitment you show in your work. Summerslam has long history of being a high profiled pay per view, but for this year’s Summerslam, it should be dismembered from its long lasting history. Disappointing, yet again.


~ by wrestlingdynasty on August 22, 2010.

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