Breaking news: Serena fired!

The maiden at S.E.S has been ousted. It has been confirmed that WWE has recently released Serena Deeb. Although there are no confirmation as to why Serena has been fired, some crazy speculation going around the Internet is that she has been seen “behaving inappropriately” at nightclubs and was shot by Hollywood’s paparazzi during Summerslam weekend. This is a breach of violation to the character she portrays on Smackdown. I think it’s rather a queer rumors given that WWE has no policy of needing wrestlers to behave in accordance to the gimmick they portray. Just imagine Undertaker having to dig the grave every night before he goes for dinner. Lol.

Anyway, regardless of the reason, WWE has been tight-lipped about her release due to an appearance on this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown!, which was taped last Wednesday when she had accompanied Luke Gallows to the ring for a match against Big Show.

Just hours ago, Serena broke her silence and tweeted, “You are the best fans in ANY universe” It could mean anything of course. Girls and their subtly. Oh well, in any case, Serena has amazing wrestling abilities, and if WWE decides to boot her out of their door, I’m sure TNA is willingly to take a gem in. All the best girl

~ by wrestlingdynasty on August 26, 2010.

One Response to “Breaking news: Serena fired!”

  1. when i heard that serena was fired i was shocked and sad because how can the wwe release a talented person that has alot of potential and skills i thought it was unfair what they did to her and i wish her the best i am a fan of her’s and im sorry to see her go but maybe TNA will will let her in but hopefully they will she does not need wwe she can pursue her career else where ses for life .

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