Saturday Nibble #3

It’s WD bi-weekly Nibble time!

Last Monday on RAW, John Cena teased Justin Gabriel that he has an alternative way of looking at people. Internet fans have since sparked rumors about Justin’s sexual orientation. To dissolve the speculation, one of the insider from “backstage” revealed that Justin is perfectly straight and is dating fellow superstar, Kelly Kelly. Kelly Kelly then denied the dating rumors on her Twitter account, “O how I love rumors…u never really know if there true or not hahaha it’s so funny how crazy people get and believe anything they hear”

Following Lance Cade’s tragic departure, Shawn Michael who once mentored the latter, commented, “No words will be good enuff. 1 of my boys is gone. My prayers & thoughts have already been given 2 his family & will continue. Goodbye Lance I Love You. I ask that all of u would lift his family up in prayer.” Also concerning Lance Cade’s death, a reporter asked Linda Mcmahon of her thoughts, to which she replied, “I might have met him once.” (Applause for the senate please)

There’s an interesting article recently by The Associated Press which feature a story on a man that was mauled to death by a bear after he attempted wrestling stunts on the animal. The attack happened while the man and the bear’s owner were feeding it. The man who worked for the the owner of the bear then offered people the chance to wrestle the bear at the Cleveland Sport, Travel & Outdoor show. To demonstrate the fascination, the man volunteered himself which eventually led to the tragic happening. Maybe it’s just me, but wrestling bears doesn’t sound like the smartest idea. There are many ways how one can die, just not like this – at least.

Former TNA, WWE, WCW wrestler, Scott, Hall has recently openly admitted that he has been admitted to rehab center. (Yes again, count for his stay? Can’t remember) Kevin Nash tweeted, “Scott is under care in the WWE’s wellness program. God bless Ann and Vince for taking care of my friend.” Much to its credit, WWE has an ongoing policy where it pays for drug treatment programs for any current or past superstar that asks for the help. Let’s hope for the best for Scott, we shared the same name afterall :p

As mentioned on previous weeks, TNA agreement with Rob Van Damm is quantified by the number of dates he appear for the company. The current storyline of him being injured at the hands of Abyss is to stretch the angle longer and also to keep him for further use in the future. Right now there are no plans for RVD to return anytime before TNA No Surrender.

Edge’s movie has been recently renamed to “Breaking the Rules” (formerly known as Chasing The Hawk) It is interesting to note that Edge was originally cast as a lawyer trying to track down his stolen car, but that role is now taken by Jamie Kennedy. Edge will now play a corrupt cop that Kennedy is trying to bring down when his car goes missing. Since this film is a WWE sponsored movie, the company wants his wrestler to play the lead role. Reasonable, I guess.

Finally, Vince McMahon has recently celebrated his 65th birthday. 65 years old marks the standard retirement age in the United States. Will he pass the torch in the near future? And to whom will be up on everyone’s mind. Happy Birthday Good O Vince!

~ by wrestlingdynasty on August 28, 2010.

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