The future of S.E.S

On November 27, 2009, CM Punk transformed the former mentally handicapped and unresponsive Festus into the focused and driven Luke Gallows. That marks the first page of the Straight Edge Society. (S.E.S). Weeks later, the two began shaving the heads of fans in the audience who are willing to follow the straight edge lifestyle, demonstrating a “new beginning” for their lives. On one episode of Smackdown, a woman named Serena came out of the crowd begging to be saved by Punk. Instead of having security escort her out, Punk accepted Serena and shaved her head. The trio then begun what transpired as today, the founding of the Straight Edge Society – A seemingly religious cult and militant organization, denouncing all people who don’t live the straight edge lifestyle, even those who also abstain from substance abuse.

The early days of S.E.S seems nothing more than a D-grade poser rock band that tries to break into the Smackdown scene but fails miserably in getting any widespread attention. Before Punk underwent the surgery, S.E.S was nothing more than a sidekick to Punk, interfering matches to save their leader from the hands of Rey Mysterio. For almost half a year since their existence, the management remains clueless on what to do with the group. The S.E.S given the right opponents, air time but yet it could not distinct itself to make an impression.

On July 2010, 8 months after the formation of the group, Vince Mcmahon decides to breath life into the faction. It was decided that Joey Mercury would appear as a mystery man, shrouding gloom and hyping up curiosity for the faction. The plan backfired shortly after the Internet fans disclosed the mystery man to be none other than Joey (Weeks before his mask was removed). To make matter worse, on June 25 edition of SmackDown, Punk injured his arm in a match against Kane. Weeks later, he underwent surgery to repair his torn shoulder. This marks the slow slump of S.E.S. A feud was placed with Big Show but ended up with pathetic storylines of Big Show destroying the entire group at Summerslam.

And for those who haven’t heard, WWE has just released Serena Deeb from her contract. The reason behind her release remained ambiguous. Many speculation going around though none have been confirmed. Regardless of of the nature of release, many ponder, including myself, what her departure would mean for the already beaten-down faction. Management’s initial idea for both RAW and Smackdown is to be two separate brands with distinct competition. Each brand is to be governed by one faction. On RAW, Nexus’s angle took flight. But for Smackdown, the S.E.S just went down the drain.

If I were in the management/writer’s shoe, I believe it’s time to call it quits. Smackdown will be getting on an explosive start this coming October at Syfy. There are rumors of John Morrison heading to Friday Nights. This could spell good news for Joey, who could pair up with JoMo and perhaps Melina to reboot the MNM on Smackdown. The potential for this team can be tremendous given that both Joey and Morrison are kept away from the spotlight presently. As for Luke Gallows, he could either segment his status on Smackdown as a single competitor or get a manger to mange him. Personally, I think Gallows has tremendous wrestling abilities but the problem is, as long as Vince doesn’t like you, you are pretty screwed. I would consider the idea of changing Gallows back into Festus. He was one of the most interesting character ever created in Smackdown in recent years. All he needs, whether as Gallow or Festus, is a good manager. From there, he could propel really high.

As for CM Punk, he has been missing from the main event scene for a really long time. S.E.S has been that tentacles that kept him down from shinning (instead of pushing him up to the top). Like Legacy, I think CM Punk should follow the formula of Randy Orton. They are young and have not segment their main event status. Before they can lead the group, they should shine on their part first. CM Punk against Taker, Edge or Jericho is really some good storylines writers can spin off.

As ironically as S.E.S has been portraying on screen, “saving” people from their sins. I guess they are the ones that need to be saved. Seemingly reflecting my belief about religion these days. Isn’t it ironic how things turn out in life?

~ by wrestlingdynasty on August 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “The future of S.E.S”

  1. well im very shocked and surprised that they had released serena deeb she was a rolemodel to young women around the world also she is the anti diva of the group i love the straight edge society they are my family so i hope that theu can get stronger and powerful but i would likw serena to get rehired back to her contract the ses is nothing without cm punk so we must stand united as one as a family im also a big fan too . Ses forever we are better than you .

  2. yea i am an ses fan and i would not mind to have my head shaved i think i would look great with it bald ! I want my hair shaved off like serena’s im a fan of her’s too i love the straight edge society ses forever and im straight edge i love ses my family. 🙂

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