Deal not stamped!

Chris Jericho, whose contract is set to expire in two-three weeks time has yet to finalized another contract in WWE. Although the sentiment backstage indicates that Jericho is likely to pen another deal, but close friends of the Human Highlight Reel has hinted that Jericho often talks about going full time in the media sector and his obligation to Fozzy. Would Jericho drop the bomb shell and set jaw dropping by leaving WWE, yet again?

ANYWAY, WWE is set to release a new DVD for Chris Jericho this coming September. Chris Jericho has recently shared his thoughts – “Back in the early part of the decade you would go in the ring and it would be me and Steve, me and Rock or Rock and Steve or whatever and I found this one 15-minute piece of tape from Tucson, Arizona of Steve and I doing 15 minutes of improv comedy and it’s brilliant, it’s some of the funniest stuff I have ever done in my career and Steve’s career and no one has ever seen it. It never aired, it was after the show and we always record everything that happens and as soon as it ended I said that has to be on my DVD if I ever get one so I got a tape of it and kept it in my house. It really is a great comprehensive package of not just my career but of a great time in the business when it had a lot more experienced guys and a lot less strict rules and stuff like that.”

~ by wrestlingdynasty on August 30, 2010.

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