WD 08/10 BTM

Starting from today, I’ll be having this monthly personal column titled, “Behind The Mic” This segment pretty much breaks down my personal take on wrestling for the month, share my thoughts of the world and beyond, my life and future updates of WD. I hope this would make WD much more personal and interactive.

Ok first up, this month wrestling has been stale. There was Summerslam, but that was pretty much a poor conceived pay per view. WWE is facing talents drought now, and I believe this is the time and tide to push deserving talents up to the top. WWE called this the “youth revolution” but I don’t see much happening for other deserving names. I’m fully supportive on Vince for pushing young talents up, but my concern remains with those wrestlers who waited for their time to come, who gave up sweats and tears for the company, yet remained undermined. Christian, John Morrison, Kane, Matt Hardy, Santino just to name a few.

As for TNA side, I really think the management is creative. But I disagree with Eric’s recent take on marketing veteran names since they have the ability to draw crowds. Yes, they do have the drawing power, for now. How long do you think Hogan will last? He can be granddad soon. Cheering for a granddad? Ew. This applies to Flair, and Abyss, and Sting and RVD. Honestly, these names just kept repeating from different promotions to promotions over the years. WCW, WWE, ECW, ROH, TNA. I’m getting sicked of them wanting to make a difference but could not commit in their actions, and flee on the first sight of a bad situation.

I have received really positive comments on my Saturday Nibble section. Thanks a lot to those who appreciate what’s been offered. I’ve decided to progress this sector from bi-weekly to a weekly from henceforth. This is just one portion of my big plan for the site. I intend to get the site moving, and get it bigger than before.

Alright, as for my life right now.. haha.. I’m having a bit of hangover as I’m typing this… nostalgic I guess? I’m turning 22 soon and it makes me ponder about what’s to come for me. I can’t really explicitly state what’s going on, but all I can say is I will be stuck in this mindless race for another ten months. Ten months, that’s another 300 days to go. I love freedom and I missed being free. It seems like yesterday I was 15. The pace of society is making me feel that I’m growing up too fast. And I don’t think I’m alone to be feeling in such a manner.

Life is such a surreal and strange thing. It seems that we are chasing for many things that wouldn’t really matter to us in the end. Paper qualification, fame, career, acceptance, houses, money. I guess at the end of my 21 years journey, I can affirmatively say, that my take on life is about creating memories. Life should be filled with fun, and happiness and we shouldn’t wait to go out and reach them just because they are hard to get, or just because someone else tells us we shouldn’t. It’s our lives anyway, and we should take charge of how it should go. Hmm….. till next month folks!

~ by wrestlingdynasty on August 31, 2010.

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