Saturday Nibble #4

Welcome to the now-weekly Smackdown Nibble!

First up, Kurt Angle recently show his support for Linda Mcmahon running for the senate election. He said, “I’ve worked with Linda on many projects in WWE. She is smart, bright and a true leader. I am now in TNA and it doesn’t benefit me to talk about what a great woman she is. I saw with my own eyes. She’s honest, sincere and always looked out for what was best to her employees. She has the qualities that I would want in a politician. She listens to you, and always does the right thing. Linda mcmahon has that “IT” factor you rarely see in today’s leaders. Good luck linda. GOD bless.”

Brother Ray and Devon’s contract has officially expired today. Rumors has it that they will make a big return to the WWE’s tag team scene very soon. WWE management is set to spice up the tag team division, and the Dudley Boyz return would prove to be very ideal.

There have been some dressing room unrest from several key stars within TNA who felt it was a big mistake to push the EV2.0 group on television, more specifically as the top babyface group. A good number of top main event performers in the company were strongly against TNA bringing them and even doing the “Hardcore Justice” themed PPV in the first place. Some websites and newsletters are blowing the locker-room situation way out of proportion for reasons only they know or their own personal agendas.

The reunion of “The Beautiful People” last Thursday on iMPACT! scored the program’s highest rated segment. Angelina Love caught wind of the news and wrote this one her Myspace page – “HUGE thanks to all the fans that watched TNA Impact last week and made the reuniting of the original Beautiful People the highest rated segment on the show!!!!”

Some funny story. Two weeks ago, Alberto Del Rio bio went live. An interesting incident occurred. Apparently when his bio went live, the following line was added and was only removed hours later – “Are you ok with this for Del Rio’s bio. Just asking because I know he’s supposed to be a big deal, fairly quick. YAH” That was obviously either an IM or email to a head of Opsy.

Serena Debb who was recently released by WWE on disciplinary grounds tweeted the following, “To each and every one of my extraordinary fans, I would like to thank you for your love and support. The past year of my life has been an amazing journey. The people I’ve come to know will always be in my heart and the unique places I’ve been have shown me how beautiful the world is. I feel very blessed. I fell madly in love with pro wrestling when I was just 11 years old. I pursued my childhood dream with every ounce of passion I had and I couldn’t be more proud of where my career has gone so far. Live the life you have imagined”…Dreams do come true ?.. I love you all”

A final word. Next week’s episode of TNA iMPACT! is being cancelled due to a Gangland marathon on the network. Instead, TNA Wrestling will hold a Bound for Glory Kickoff Show on the company website during iMPACT’s regular timeslot at 9:00 p.m.

~ by wrestlingdynasty on September 4, 2010.

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