Joey mercury injured!

For those who have missed last week’s Smackdown, Joey Mercury has been injured! (Yes, and OH NO!) According to an insider, Joey will be out of action for several months after undergoing surgery over the weekend to repair a torn pectoral muscle. The optimistic estimate is gauge at a six month recovery process.

Despite the injury, Mercury may be expected to remain on television. Many feel that after Serena’s recent release, it wasn’t a good time to remove Mercury from television since the Straight Edge Society wouldn’t be much of a group with two people.

However, last Friday Smackdown telecast showed Punk and Gallows having “disputes”. With Serena Deeb’s departure, and Joey Mercury’s injury, it sure seemed like S.E.S is heading for doom. And I’m one of the few that may be rooting for this. S.E.S seriously can’t pull things off.

~ by wrestlingdynasty on September 7, 2010.

One Response to “Joey mercury injured!”

  1. well that sucks i hope he get’s better soon and i hope the sraight edge society can get back on their feet but im concerned if luke gallows and joey will get released in the next couple of months that will be the wrong time to do that i hope they dont get released that would be stupid just like it was stupid for wwe to get rid of serena so how will the ses make it now ? I guess it is over than .

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