The Pope speaks…

The Pope, who was recently ousted by Mr. Anderson at No Surrender, shared his thoughts on various matters. Here are the highlights –

On his time and friends in WWE – “(laughs) In this day and age, if you’re up there, shake what ya got. Shake what ya daddy or momma gave ya. They’re getting something. I can’t speak on their behalf because I don’t know what a fair shake to them would be. But Pope can count his blessings and I’ll make that known right now that I am happy, I am elated, I am ecstatic to be a part of TNA Wrestling. That’s for sure.”

On being part of the TNA family – “oh, that’s a good question. I will say I couldn’t be in a more happier and suited spot than I am in right now. Everything’s going well, everything’s going to plan. Gor me to come back off an injury, you know, three months ago when I went down with that injury and come back now to main event, I can’t ask for more. TNA is a place of opportunity. TNA is a place that recognizes talent. They recognize raw talent and they want their talent to shine. That never crossed my mind. What was killing Pope was being stuck up in one place at one time, home at the crib. I mean, you can only play Xbox 360 for so long. When you can only play Madden, you can only watch a movie for so long. I couldn’t do anything. Pope couldn’t even shower by himself. And trust me, while it was fun getting washed from head to toe everything now and then, it got old after a while as well.”

On veteran wrestlers taking the lead in TNA – “Here’s what Pope is gonna say about that. Everybody can be used and have a spot in the entertainment aspect of any wrestling program. It’s not where or who it is, it’s how it’s being done. And as you mentioned, focal point. Well, I don’t think they are the focal point. I mean, I don’t see Flair or Hogan headlining No Surrender. I didn’t see Flair or Hogan headlining Victory Road. They’re no focal points. They’re there to add credibility to the product. Their name value obviously is more than some of us younger guys so you have to give them that credit. Hogan knows that. Hogan has said that. Flair knows that. Flair said that. You know, Flair didn’t go out there and put himself over with AJ Styles. Flair went out there every “Impact” and did his absolute honest best to say this guy, AJ Styles is not only the best wrestler in this company but in the world.”

On his future – “You know what daddy? That question is as good as mine but then I look up north (WWE) and I say gee whiz, how come no one of Pope’s background done a movie either? Their chance is probably more good or better than mine at this time being that they got a whole production film thing going on. I look at the guys like, that was Cryme Tyme and some of my friends up there, Kofi (Kingston) and I’m like why aren’t those guys in movies? My time will come so I’m not worried about that. Pope’s time will come. Everything happens in due time but right now, first things first, is Pope’s gotta get that gold to have as big of bling around his waist. You’re talking about the TNA World Heavyweight Title daddy.

~ by wrestlingdynasty on September 9, 2010.

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