Jericho close to leaving?

As of today, Chris Jericho’s contract with WWE is set to expire in two weeks time. It has been confirmed that Y2J has not yet inked any renewal contract. Management is desperately trying to get the first ever undisputed champion to ink the deal especially this year has seen so many top names leaving the company and it has gravely hurt marketing sales. Many speculated (as always with Internet fans these days) that Jericho might be jumping ship to TNA. I highly doubt the chances especially Jericho hates Bischoff and Hogan management. That was the reason why he chose to quit WCW years ago.

Speaking about Chris Jericho, his second book will released shortly in September. Here’s what the latter has to say about his upcoming release – “It starts right when I walk to the ring for my debut against The Rock and ends about seven years later when I walk out to face Randy Orton when I returned in 2007. It’s great because it’s my whole WWE experience but also very involved with starting a band with Fozzy and the trials and tribulations of that which are just as ridiculous as some of the things I went through in the first book when I was trying to make my name in wrestling. It’s a great dichotomy of a guy who is at the top of one profession and trying to make it in another one with all of the ridiculous stories you have come to expect from Chris Jericho’s life.”

~ by wrestlingdynasty on September 13, 2010.

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